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Our Disappointing Online Agora

I’ve given up on Facebook. And Twitter. I never LinkedIn – wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be linking to; nobody that I know has ever found anything worth finding by connecting with other ‘professionals’ desperately trolling social media … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Torture of Leopoldo Lopez

“They are torturing me! Denuncia!!” the cry carries; piercing from the menacing prison perched nefariously on the hilltop above to float across the expanse. #URGENTE: Leopoldo grita desde Ramo Verde. Denuncio que a Leopoldo lo están torturando. Por favor RT/ … Continue reading

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Our New World Disorder

I once was having a debate with a diplomat friend of mine regarding climate change or global warming or environmental degradation or whatever you want to call it. We were standing under a piece of metal zinc awning beside an … Continue reading

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“Birds Without Wings” – A Book Review

I first encountered Louis de Bernières through his novel “War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts”; a playful romp through revolutionary Colombia – with magic. I read this, Bernières first novel a long time ago – while I was still an … Continue reading

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“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” – A Book Review

Have you ever pondered a crust of bread? Or stopped to consider the ‘thickness’ of a bowl of soup? Have you thought about food in terms of ounces? The exact number of pinches necessary to fill a hand rolled cigarette? … Continue reading

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On The Affairs of People: Responding to Jeff Bezos

Yesterday Jeff Bezos made an unusual request on Twitter. Now, Jeff is a man to whom I am and will always remain infinitely grateful. He has made my life easier. Amazon has been for me perhaps the most important innovation … Continue reading

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“Four Futures” – A Book Review (if this had actually been a book)

Sometimes you click on a link somewhere, in something that you’re reading, which takes you to another link and another and another as you continue the train of thought of your line of inquiry as far as time allows. When … Continue reading

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Thinking of Cuba

I recently promised a new friend that I would write about Cuba. But what can I say about Cuba? It’s been said – everything. Fifty-eight years, a half century of that bizarre mix of sensational propaganda and blinding silence. How … Continue reading

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A Birdwatcher, A Writer – and “Seeing”

I have a friend who is a committed birdwatcher. Everywhere he goes he takes the time to first prepare, leafing through birding books on the airplane while others are watching movies or reading candy fiction. “The reason I started birding,” … Continue reading

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From Us, On Distant Shores – Enough!

Once upon a time I was visiting a gold mine in the Amazon jungle, guest of a group of mine managers concerned with community relations during turbulent times. Restless winds of revolution were blowing silently but ominously through the foliage; … Continue reading

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