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2019 – Our Year of Solutions!

If watching periodic readjustments can be hard, living through them is often downright stressful. This is what historians of the future will document when they write about this period in our history, if they write about it at all – … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Aloofness

Do you ever wonder what the people you admire do between moments of great inspiration and tremendous consequence? Mother Theresa getting her nails done; Billy Graham guiltily scarfing down a third hot-dog while watching Ancient Aliens; Ernest Hemingway sitting on … Continue reading

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Our Tender Tennessee Christmas

Millions crowding the public squares and parks in Bogota, a flight from tragedy to sorrow. Crowds sitting silently under plastic sheeting or inside abandoned schools rapidly converted for the needy. The time-honored smells of hallacas and pan de jamon replaced … Continue reading

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“Eternity In Their Hearts” – A Tribute to Don Richardson

Yesterday I finished re-reading “Eternity In Their Hearts” by Don Richardson. It is an Aristotelian exploration of the kernels of monotheism deposited carefully in hidden corners of the cultural traditions of faraway peoples and diverse, a legacy of the one … Continue reading

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“The Coming Anarchy” – A Review

It is cold here, in the middle of the Tennessee mountains where I have come; Christmas vacation for my little boy with grandma and grandpa. The little houses are picture perfect, the mailman knows everybody’s name and the community center … Continue reading

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“The Revolt of the Masses” – A Must Read

“The Revolt of the Masses” is an extraordinary book about our arriving ordeal and why it has come. Written in 1932, it is as prescient now (perhaps more so) than when it was written; for the arc of history is … Continue reading

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I often have a difficult time writing travel posts. My musings are very rarely the normal fodder for that genre: a description of a Michelin star meal, how crunchy is a salad or how al-dente a bowl of pasta. Whether … Continue reading

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Africa’s Consolation Philosophy

Socrates once said “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Western philosophy has always been motivated by wonder at the world around us and our quest to know it using our minds, our reason, and our experiences. The focus on reason … Continue reading

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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – A Tribute

A few days ago passed not entirely unperceived the 100th birthday of one of the great writers of the 20th Century, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It might be said that the Soviet Union was brought down by a triumvirate, a trinity comprised … Continue reading

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The Unexamined Life – Why I Left Facebook

They say “the unexamined life is not worth living”. “They” are these days anybody looking to seem thoughtful, but the first to say this was Socrates as his only and lasting defense against the accusations of ‘corrupting the minds of … Continue reading

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