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Daughter of Fortune – A Book Review

I found a copy of Isabel Allende’s “Daughter of Fortune” at a little used bookstore nestled between a Peter Piper Pizza and a Payless Shoe Store in a strip mall in Colorado Springs. The sky was gray; the great Pike’s … Continue reading

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When I Learned To Write

I suppose I started writing a decade ago; my debut a foray into the shadowy world of the memoir (unpublished – thank God). I wanted to talk about the suffering: war, drought, famine. Violence. Central America, the Congo, – Uganda. Not … Continue reading

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An Entity With Earthly Allure

America is grappling with the predicament of this the strangest of all election years. Something old is over, something new is beginning; this requires examination. Articles, tweets, podcasts; vitriol, rage, humiliation sometimes. Sadness. Excitement. I entertain them all, unwelcome though … Continue reading

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It’s Your Fault Too, Venezuela’s Collapse

It has become harder to go on Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo these days – my feeds are full of the most ghastly news about Venezuela. Good men forced to steal; not violent men but hungry and with families – burned … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Little Boy

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a big idea. The thought had occurred to him late one night, when outside only the crickets and the frogs accompanied his reverie. Roused as he had been by … Continue reading

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But They Don’t Do Math

A few weeks ago I was engaged in an online debate with a gentleman who objected to my advocacy for Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. Specifically, he didn’t like their focus on Austrian economics. The issue that the anonymous blogger … Continue reading

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Focus Instead on the Pawns

A line of young men and women stand, dressed in white and blue and red and gold, arms stretched high while they chant – always the chanting. They have come in the hundreds, thousands – in the hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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“Weeds”: A Series Review

Last night my wife and I finished watching the series “Weeds“. This is of course the tale of a widow from the suburbs whose husband died leaving her with nothing, thereby forcing her to take up a life as a … Continue reading

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Of Taco Bowls and Presidents

There’s something funny going on in America these days. Lots of chatter, as there always is – but this year it’s got the green smell of panic to it. Bewilderment. Folks are perplexed. Of course, the collapsing of an old … Continue reading

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Africa And Its Wars

I have settled in – if settled is what it can be called. It’s funny, things no longer seem exotic; or, more accurately, my idea of ‘exotic’ seems to have changed. A new place – that is all, for now. … Continue reading

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