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Our Changing World

While my little boy plays water-guns, builds Lego sets, learns to type and do extra-math and watches Alvin and the Chipmunks, the world in which he will live is being formed — and in fast forward. So far, the attempts … Continue reading

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Stepping Stones in Time

Time marches on, leaving stepping stones to remind us of where we have been, show us where we might be going and reflect upon whether or not things turn out as we expected. This is the job of writers. Some … Continue reading

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My Author Interview for NF Reads

I recently took part in an interview for an author/reader site. I thought perhaps you might be interested – I have placed a link to the entire piece here. What are the real-life stories behind your books? The struggle of … Continue reading

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GenZ: Hegel and the Anti-Millennials

We never consider ourselves to have gotten old. Age creeps up on all of us, that proverbial ‘thief in the night’; and before you know it you are deep in online calculators, counting the days until your little boy goes … Continue reading

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Our Disappointing Online Agora

I’ve given up on Facebook. And Twitter. I never LinkedIn – wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be linking to; nobody that I know has ever found anything worth finding by connecting with other ‘professionals’ desperately trolling social media … Continue reading

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Do You Think the Pioneers Cried?

Do you ever wonder if the pioneers cried? If those men, tough as nails, riding high on their wagons traversing plain and prairie sat over God’s planned paradise beside their wives – children playing under the cover behind with a … Continue reading

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Could the Industrial Revolution have Happened Today?

I read an interesting article about Uber recently – regarding some of the growing pains that company is having and how they’re trying to deal with them. The history-less, context-less analysis is par for the course in today’s 24 hour … Continue reading

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Will Our Passing be a Whisper?

Our lives are like a pebble thrown into a placid pond – the ripples of which expand to reach even the distant ends of the waters, touching the lives of people great and small as they extend out. Some of … Continue reading

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Death and Taxes…

So it’s that time of year again, and I’m doing my taxes. Reminding me just how complicated life is and how much time was spent last year in slave labor. This year is sort of my halfway mark – if … Continue reading

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