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Reading “The Hobbit” to my little boy

I just finished reading The Hobbit to my little boy. It’s fitting, I think – isn’t it? That his first real book, “A chapter book” as he calls it, would be that one. Oh sure we’ve read Dr. Seuss and … Continue reading

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Debt and Polarization – Then What??

This week my wife is taking a trip – nervous, first time she’s leaving our little one in my care voluntarily. Latina mamas; as if for want of foresight my boy and I will starve each other as we descend … Continue reading

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Who Considers the Lost Places?

In a world that is coming apart at the seams; who notices the lost places? They talk about the sixth great extinction, those who live in Styrofoam palaces and with tin voices lament the loss. The coming anarchy. The return … Continue reading

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The Kings of West Africa

A petty noble emerges; a void or a vacuum, leftovers of a great war or famine is filled by his dominion and something new is born. It grows, consuming all in its path, for stability in empire is mostly secured … Continue reading

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GenZ: Hegel and the Anti-Millennials

We never consider ourselves to have gotten old. Age creeps up on all of us, that proverbial ‘thief in the night’; and before you know it you are deep in online calculators, counting the days until your little boy goes … Continue reading

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The Story of Two Minds

They say that together two minds are much better, a fact that I have known as true; And this my dear friend is the truth I defend as to why I am grateful for you; For success we’ve been praised … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia and Sorrow of the Southwest

There is something special for me about Native American literature. Maybe it’s because so many of the stories take place in lands that I also have known. For I too am a child of the southwest and have the desert … Continue reading

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