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“It Can’t Happen Here”? — Nope, Not Like That

Some books are supposed to be good. And then they are not. Some authors are supposed to have mastered that special ability to put pen to paper and end up at the end of 80,000 or so words with a … Continue reading

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“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” – A Book Review

Have you ever pondered a crust of bread? Or stopped to consider the ‘thickness’ of a bowl of soup? Have you thought about food in terms of ounces? The exact number of pinches necessary to fill a hand rolled cigarette? … Continue reading

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“Lady Chatterley’s Lover” – A Book Review

The story goes that DH Lawrence and Earnest Hemingway were friends of sorts. The Belle Époque was raging; Paris was full of artists and dreamers. Brawling and drinking and dreaming – and writing. Hemingway was a “man’s man” who would … Continue reading

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Bad Books Crowding Out the Good Ones

Most writers live in their own little utopias. I suppose that’s what differentiates a good writer from a mediocre one – the good writer builds a world for himself where he’d rather be; drama and passion and violence and purpose … Continue reading

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Our Belle Époque Blows

This last summer I was passing through Washington DC on my way out west; and during my layover I took a few hours to visit with an old friend. It was a warm summer morning as we sat on the … Continue reading

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‘Gabo’ and Total Control

Those of you who pay attention know how feel about Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘Gabo’; may he rest in peace. Now I know it’s classless to speak ill of the dead – nevertheless it’s our job, we writers, to try to … Continue reading

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New Novel by Joel D. Hirst “Lords of Misrule”

With this post I am pleased to announce the release of my 3rd novel “Lords of Misrule”. Aliuf Ag Albachar, born into the noble Tuareg ancestry, is just thirteen when he crests a dune with his mother, looks down from … Continue reading

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