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Red Pawn – A Review

This comic book tells the tale of sacrifice. “How can that be?” You will ask. “It is a story by Ayn Rand, after all. Isn’t she only about how to be selfish?” There is no greater love of self than … Continue reading

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“Anthem: A Graphic Novel” Reviewed in NER

“Man is utopian by nature; it is the response to the divine in all of us, the “Image of God” in which we were all made. We seek to build a cushion, a space between ourselves and destitution; we strive … Continue reading

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The Anthem Of Your Life

If your life were a song, what kind of a song would be it? Would it be a Latin American protest song, trova music fatalistic and sad yearning for the communist dictatorships to free you from your freedom; ‘Todavia Cantamos’ … Continue reading

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“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” – A Book Review

Have you ever pondered a crust of bread? Or stopped to consider the ‘thickness’ of a bowl of soup? Have you thought about food in terms of ounces? The exact number of pinches necessary to fill a hand rolled cigarette? … Continue reading

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“Four Futures” – A Book Review (if this had actually been a book)

Sometimes you click on a link somewhere, in something that you’re reading, which takes you to another link and another and another as you continue the train of thought of your line of inquiry as far as time allows. When … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand and Hate

“I hate that book. I hate her. I wrote a thesis paper in school about her hatred for people and the human race.” If that’s how you feel, you might have clicked on this link by mistake. No matter – … Continue reading

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Could the Industrial Revolution have Happened Today?

I read an interesting article about Uber recently – regarding some of the growing pains that company is having and how they’re trying to deal with them. The history-less, context-less analysis is par for the course in today’s 24 hour … Continue reading

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Garrett, Rand, Galt And The Fun Of Writing

I often wonder what happened to America’s battle of ideas. I lift my gaze wistfully from the gutter – where the current debate takes place, nonsensical 140-character arrows hurled back and forth over a pile of garbage – to contemplate … Continue reading

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I Almost Stopped Writing Today

There’s a scene in The Fountainhead where the main protagonists are lounging around inside a makeshift shed on a construction site discussing their impetus for continuing on in their art. It wasn’t really going well for them. Sculpting, architecture – … Continue reading

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“Ideal” by Ayn Rand – A Book Review

“Ideal” is a short story written by Ayn Rand. She wrote the story as a response to a particularly difficult period in her life; lack of success, dwindling savings and duplicitous ‘friends’ causing despair.  As any writer would do, she … Continue reading

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