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Garrett, Rand, Galt And The Fun Of Writing

I often wonder what happened to America’s battle of ideas. I lift my gaze wistfully from the gutter – where the current debate takes place, nonsensical 140-character arrows hurled back and forth over a pile of garbage – to contemplate … Continue reading

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Sortie du roman de Joel Hirst aux éditions de l’Institut Coppet

Le nouveau roman de Joel Hirst, consacré au djihadisme, aux luttes entre la raison et la religion, et à la soif de liberté, sort aujourd’hui 19 septembre. N’hésitez à découvrir cette odyssée d’un jeune Touareg en quête de liberté et … Continue reading

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À paraître ce lundi : un roman sur le djihad aux éditions de l’Institut Coppet

Chaque trimestre, l’Institut Coppet entend publier une traduction inédite. Après Rothbard (L’éducation gratuite et obligatoire) et avant Mises (Mémoires) et Hayek (L’idéal politique de l’État de droit), nous tentons un pari en ouvrant le spectre habituel de nos travaux et … Continue reading

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As Venezuela Goes ‘Rouge’

The human race as an entity does not learn well. We are not very teachable – are we? We aren’t quick to identify patterns, likenesses; those times when your gut tells you ‘Wait, I’ve seen this before somewhere’. Maybe this … Continue reading

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The Chimera of Inequality

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
We hear it a lot more these days – the word inequality. It has become the panacea by which people – both rich and poor; powerful and weak – pretend to express…

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9/11 On My Mind

It was a bright fall Boston morning fifteen years ago when I walked out of my rented room to saunter down the sidewalk towards my university. I was young, green, naïve – in graduate school. I was studying development – … Continue reading

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Paris, As She Was

Paris. We’re supposed to say the name of the city in a whisper; reverent and pious. We who are privileged with travel are expected to send text messages back to our friends full of words like ‘magnificent’ and ‘stunning’; tweeting … Continue reading

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