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Magical Realism – Leslie Tate Interviews Joel D. Hirst

Below I am re-blogging an interview I did for Leslie Tate’s web site (where you can find the original). Leslie is an author and a poet and also blogs extensively, including about Magical Realism. From her site: “Leslie studied Creative Writing … Continue reading

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The Untold Story of Cuba

Have you ever seen a painting so beautiful that it stops your heart for a second; reds and greens and golds imprinted upon your essence for eternity? Do you ever listen to a song that is so remarkable that you … Continue reading

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Fidel is Dead

How many times have we heard those words before? The morbid death-watch for this ailing tyrant has seemed eternal, hasn’t it? Turns out this time it’s true. So much has been written about Fidel. So much will be written. The … Continue reading

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“Fidel And The Goat”: An Excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio”

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
In honor of all the media attention these days on a bankrupt totalitarian island, here’s an excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio“. One day Fidel had been walking down a dirt…

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El Teniente de San Porfirio, crónica de una tragedia de la Venezuela socialista

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel Hace unas semanas me enviaron un libro de regalo, llevaba meses de no sentarme a leer como solía hacerlo antes, esto de la Internet y las redes sociales han hecho que mi… Source: El Teniente de … Continue reading

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Leopoldo’s 1001 Nights

1001 nights. Of course our mind goes naturally to that most famous of collections; stories from the Islamic Golden Age. Opulence and intrigue and exotic luxury. Leopoldo Lopez’s 1001 nights have, unfortunately, been much less grand. Leopoldo Lopez is the … Continue reading

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No, NYT, Mea Culpas Ain’t Gonna Cut It

Peggy Noonan and Mary O’Grady. Those are the only two writers for a print daily that rational people would spend hard earned money to read. Even George Will went off the deep end this year. Of course, Mr. New York … Continue reading

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