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The Tyrant’s Screed – A Poem

There was a clearing o’er the hillocks treed; Where silence of the spirit muchly thrived; The churning air that stirred the grasses freed; And hearts from bitter folly had been rived. Yet ‘neath the toothed razor mountains bare; Vast plains … Continue reading

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Perhaps There Were Fewer Words…

It is always enlightening to read about a thought when it was still in its infancy. We have grown old and all our ideas with us; our world of words is somehow grown fastidious – bombarded as we are by … Continue reading

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The Death Embrace – A Poem

Through dust and wind the plastic dance; Beneath the churning grey advance; Her steps methodical and true; Only her fears, they did pursue. The town sits quiet, tense and tight; Collective breath held through the night; Row by row, huts … Continue reading

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“To Work It And Keep It” – The Real Answer To Environmentalism

There is a tiny zoo in Bamako where I would go with my little boy on lazy sunny Saturday mornings, to see the animals and to get some toddler-walking practice; a rare escape from the house in a poor place with … Continue reading

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Floating Cities in the Sea

There are people building floating cities in the sea!! I said the words aloud last night, to feel that little surge as my heartbeat rapped in double staccato for just a moment. Cities in the sea! Oh, I’m not a … Continue reading

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A Death Foretold

“Chronicle of a Death Foretold” is a novel written by the great Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A death foretold; I wonder how Gabo would feel about the names splashed across the front of Colombia’s newspapers these days? People with … Continue reading

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How Deep Are The Roots?

How deep are the roots that bind us to where we are at; to what we know and even to who we are? When men are young they seek the new, the unique and the different and the bizarre. To … Continue reading

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Et Tu Colombia?

The specter of Hugo Chavez walks the sultry plains of South America, where the Chiguire – the world’s biggest rodent – roams; where the haunting Llanero music echoes across empty valleys and up against mountains that have never seen peace. … Continue reading

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