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“Naked And Afraid”: A lesson in spontaneous order

Last night I stumbled across a program on the Discovery Channel called “Naked and Afraid”. The basic premise of this reality television series goes something like this: take two successful young people from the United States – opposite genders to … Continue reading

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Mu’tazila – Defenders of Reason in Islam

At the very beginning of Islamic theological history a group of mutakalliman (the word for theologian in Islamic tradition) in Baghdad and Basra, in an attempt to defend their new religion from external detractors and internal corruption, developed “the first … Continue reading

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Up at the Villa, Rain, and other short stories by W. Somerset Maugham

I’ve been reading a great deal of W. Somerset Maugham lately; and I daresay it will continue. His tales of the human condition – of heartfelt mistakes and foolish blunders – juxtaposed against the matter-of-factness of imperialism in turn of … Continue reading

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“Ideal” by Ayn Rand – A Book Review

“Ideal” is a short story written by Ayn Rand. She wrote the story as a response to a particularly difficult period in her life; lack of success, dwindling savings and duplicitous ‘friends’ causing despair.  As any writer would do, she … Continue reading

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