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To Talk of Many Things… (Vol. #6 – Compassion)

You say you have compassion; social consciousness which sets you above the rest. You rail at injustice (sometimes real though often perceived through your oh-so perfected filters of subjugation). You vote the right way, you march during the great mobilizations … Continue reading

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The Untold Story of Cuba

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
Have you ever seen a painting so beautiful that it stops your heart for a second; reds and greens and golds imprinted upon your essence for eternity? Do you ever listen to…

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To Protect Us From Who We Are Becoming

In youth we rebel. We look around at what we instinctively know as good, and we sneer at it – for it is not exciting; it does not speak to us of danger or achievement, mountains conquered or sins at … Continue reading

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Will It Be Enough?

Streets are charged, electric; Milling crowds are hectic; The rage it does now overflow; The violence is pyrectic. Boy he lifts a rock; Inserts it in his sock; Around, around his head does go; To ‘nother lad doth knock. Vendor … Continue reading

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