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Our Moral Duty to Protect Islam’s Reformers

As I started to write this post, my first reaction was to go deep – like I do sometimes. To draw lessons from our great cloud of reformers active since the dawn of politics: Cicero assassinated by senators of a … Continue reading

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‘Gabo’ and Total Control

Those of you who pay attention know how feel about Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘Gabo’; may he rest in peace. Now I know it’s classless to speak ill of the dead – nevertheless it’s our job, we writers, to try to … Continue reading

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Why American Democracy

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
Yesterday the ground moved.  The tectonic plate that is the American geopolitical landscape shifted.  People are talking in high pitched squeals about tsunamis, or earthquakes, or hurricanes.  They are throwing around words like historic, unprecedented and amazing.  They speak histrionically…

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The Anasazi of Colorado and the Dogon of Mali

A few years back I took my wife on a quick trip, leaving my son with the grandparents for a brief getaway. Back home – Colorado in the summer – where the air is pure and clean, and the mountains … Continue reading

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The End of the Story of Venezuela’s Self-Government

When does a democracy die? At what point in time do historians document the rupture? And when do the writers pen the epitaph of a people’s struggles for self-government? This has been the debate that has raged over Venezuela for … Continue reading

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The Pen Vs. The Blunt-Object Holders

I write a lot about politics these days; and I think about it a lot too, probably more than I should. I suppose we all do though. Not partisan politics however, at least not for me. Hit pieces against what … Continue reading

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BookViral Spotlight, Lords of Misrule by Joel D. Hirst

“An epic tale of redemption, forbidden love, and atonement against all odds.” Riveting from beginning to end, Lords of Misrule does everything it’s supposed to do and more as Hirst delivers a genuine epic. Not one defined by a voluminous word … Continue reading

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Joel D. Hirst – Independent Author Network Interview

I welcome you to read an interview I gave for the Independent Author Network about my most recent novel “Lords of Misrule.” Joel Hirst-The IAN Interview Joel D. Hirst Joel D. Hirst is a writer and novelist. Author of the … Continue reading

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A Nobel in Literature? The Committee Does it Again.

It was more than fifty years ago – in December of 1964 specifically – that Jean Paul Sartre turned down the Nobel Prize for Literature. His contention, in doing so, was that in accepting such a prize he would cease … Continue reading

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Recension des Seigneurs du chaos de Joel Hirst, par Francis Richard

Francis Richard vient de publier une recension du roman de Joel Hirst, Les seigneurs du chaos : l’odyssée du djihad. Nous la republions ici en le remerciant et en invitant nos lecteurs à découvrir ce livre. Les seigneurs du chaos: … Continue reading

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