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Do We Write To Fill A Page?

Do we write to fill a page? To see the ink march resolutely across the blankness – ants against a blanket of snow; pepper spilt on the cloth of a fancy dinner table? Or is it because we know that … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t There A Hashtag #Christians?

Laughing from down below – my little boy entertaining the crowd as only a three year old can. It’s Easter, we like so many are in family today; as it should be – a good thing. Food, drink, pie – … Continue reading

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“Fidel And The Goat”: An Excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio”

In honor of all the media attention these days on a bankrupt totalitarian island, here’s an excerpt from “The Lieutenant of San Porfirio“. One day Fidel had been walking down a dirt road not far from Havana when he had … Continue reading

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The Old Man And His Eagle

The iron-barred door finally shut, marking the end of another maddening day. The old man breathed a sigh of relief, extracting the worn padlock from his brown-jacket pocket and inserting it through the metal rings – slamming it home with … Continue reading

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“The New Year” – A Book Review

I’d forgotten how much I like Pearl S. Buck. Some time ago I read “The Good Earth” – her masterpiece – and found it a remarkable book. I’m going to reread it and write a review (stay tuned). Most recently, … Continue reading

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – A Movie Review

I do believe this could be my first movie review – and for a Tina Fey movie no less. However, I guess I had to – because I was surprised. I thought WTF was gonna be a stupid movie about … Continue reading

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We Are All From Somewhere

I’m on my way back to Denver now – a short time in DC; ending a life, starting another. Not a different life, not really, just in a different place – which is the same thing, isn’t it? Or is … Continue reading

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