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In Days of Pest – A Poem

‘Putrid vapors’ did the plague they bring? Miasma fetid, stench that brings the blight? Or was it God who cursed and brought the thing? That robs us of our loves in dead of night. From when it came, so sudden … Continue reading

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A Fight That Unites Us

It is amusing, and sad somehow to watch the continued desperate efforts of some to regain the hard-fought and rapidly-abandoned days of American Marxism through angry Twitter videos and fiery Facebook speeches repeating their tired (and now ignored) call to … Continue reading

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“Lord of the Rings” #LOTR

“Lord of the Rings”, or #LOTR as it has been dubbed following the filming of two series by Peter Jackson, one quite good and then the Hobbit three-part series virtually unwatchable – garbage in technicolor. He forgot, in that filming … Continue reading

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We Too, Like You, Were People…

Yerevan in the summer is like a ‘poor man’s Paris’, or maybe Paris in the 50s, after the war had ravaged the economy and the country was recovering from German occupation but there was renewed hope and the nostalgia of … Continue reading

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It Really Wasn’t So Bad, Before The Mayhem…

It’s difficult to articulate, much less to narrate the sense of loss those of us in distant places are feeling watching America’s epic struggle. I am, and have been for some time the King of Lost Places – a reign … Continue reading

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