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Joel D. Hirst is a novelist and a playwright. His most recently released work is "Dreams of the Defeated: A Play in Two Acts" about a political prisoner in a dystopian regime. His novels include "I, Charles, From the Camps" about the life of a young man in the African camps and "Lords of Misrule" about the making and unmaking of a jihadist in the Sahara. "The Lieutenant of San Porfirio" and its sequel "The Burning of San Porfirio" are about the rise and fall of socialist Venezuela (with magic).

“What is Covetousness?” asked my little boy

Dinner, a bath, brush teeth, and into bed for a story. Children need structure, they need their rituals – they need to know what comes next; it gives them security. And the bedtime rituals are as old as childhood itself. … Continue reading

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Book Review: I, Charles, From The Camps by Joel D. Hirst

Originally posted on graphicgrub:
Uganda has beauty. The wonders of nature are there for all to see. Enjoying a sunset is probably not the first thing one associated with camps for internally displaced people. It is not the first thing…

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To Talk of Many Things… (Vol. #8 – The Death of Gramsci)

It is a singular sadness for a writer to accept that often-times he writes only for himself. To posterity perhaps, to hone his craft and sharpen his thoughts in expectation of the day when truth again matters. Sometimes I channel … Continue reading

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To Whom Do You Compare Yourself?

Do you ever ponder, you who rage in self-pity, against whom your measuring rod is fixed? When I was in Africa, one of the many times, I had a driver for my wife and my family. We had only one … Continue reading

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Their Destruction Will Bring No Freedom…

I tested out my starter-wings of independence in the gloriously nihilistic ‘90s. I might not have known anything, but neither did anybody else; high school even back then not carrying out very well its primary function which is to convey … Continue reading

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I Am Not Raising A “Greta”

I am not raising a Greta. It’s not really right; in fact the tragedy of that train-wreck sometimes takes my breath away. Life is sad enough, hard enough, and with more bitterness and frustration all of its own to foist … Continue reading

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Our Joy is Catching

Just as I was penning my own thoughts on our arriving satisfaction, a world away on the shores of the Pacific – the same thoughts, eloquently expressed below. Maybe there’s something to our new Pax Americana?? “The money hit means … Continue reading

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