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“The Debasement of Human Rights” – A Book Review

Ayn Rand used to say that there was ever only one fight in the history of philosophy; and every new conflict is simply a re-enactment of this one original contest. Plato against Aristotle. Those who revere the collective and seek … Continue reading

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The Anthem Of Your Life

If your life were a song, what kind of a song would be it? Would it be a Latin American protest song, trova music fatalistic and sad yearning for the communist dictatorships to free you from your freedom; ‘Todavia Cantamos’ … Continue reading

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On Gratitude

What are you thankful for? I find sometimes that asking myself this question is a helpful exercise as I sit on my front porch in the early African morning with my coffee, looking out over the mists which still cling … Continue reading

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“City of Memories” – A Book Review

If Congo is Africa for Africans; the obsidian consciousness of a continent – Nigeria is Africa for the rest of the world, as both its promise and its threat. Nigeria is old. Epic battles of ancient armies; the resounding echoes … Continue reading

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Dr. Denis Mukwege

Eastern Congo; it’s Africa’s own Africa and the Kivu capitals of Goma and Bukavu its dual-beating heart. Those who know, well they know; alas for those who don’t, it’s hard to explain. Two messy, shaken and tragic cities beautiful as … Continue reading

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Powerlessness In America

Just as the rest of America, I too was swept away by the Kavanaugh hearings. A popular but unconventional president; the highest court in the land. An eleventh hour spoil appears from out of the shadows of California – where … Continue reading

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My Hamster’s Wheel – A Poem

My life has b’come but a jacket; Twisted kind which is oft’sold as straight; “To live free, not sure if you can hack it”; And I’m told for to sit down and wait. So I wake myself neat in the … Continue reading

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