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My View From the “Back Row”…

“It is often revealing, and fun—for the same reason I think that I love to watch Bobo hunting Bigfoot (spoiler alert, in this metaphor I think I’m Bigfoot. And yes, I do exist. I know, takes some of the fun … Continue reading

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Ours Are Not the Children of the Nobles

After a long hot day in Africa fighting the anarchy that came – heralding our arriving ordeal, an ordeal which is only just beginning – I sometimes sit down on my sofa wine-glass in hand, a silky red imported from … Continue reading

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Our Rolling Road of Wonder

I grew up in the haunted northern valleys of Argentina’s Andes mountains. Snuggled up against Chile’s Atacama and Bolivia’s Altiplano, for those who can make the trek and brave the 20,000 foot peaks and passes is an escarpment, a quebrada, … Continue reading

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2017 – And America’s “Age of Misery”

The bombings started in the cold of the Texas winter. The rebels had quickly come to terms with the reality that they could not hold and keep land; and they turned instead to terror. Strapping bombs on little girls – … Continue reading

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The Destitution of the ‘Noble Nobels’

“I always hope, in fact, that my interlocutor will be a policeman and that he will arrest me for the theft of ‘The Just Judges’.” So said Albert Camus in his simple short novel “The Fall”. The theft of the … Continue reading

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Our Disappointing Online Agora

I’ve given up on Facebook. And Twitter. I never LinkedIn – wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be linking to; nobody that I know has ever found anything worth finding by connecting with other ‘professionals’ desperately trolling social media … Continue reading

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The Recipe for Revolution

I lived and worked for seven years inside Hugo Chavez’s revolutionary Venezuela. Mostly during the times when it still had energy and purpose and when the revolution was still exciting; to the committees and clubs and marchers and voters but … Continue reading

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