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I Will Write More of Africa

I will be writing more about Africa. For I am to leave this place, and proximately she will exist only in my memories; in my hopes for a better tomorrow and in my sadness at things unchanged, at suffering unstemmed … Continue reading

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The Wave Held

The children over the walls and the concertina wire are in school. The chattering of recess which belies the poverty, reminding we who live in Elysium that all people are the same; the same, equality – that wicked word, harsh … Continue reading

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Do You Consider the Lost Places?

Do you consider the lost places? Of course why would you, you who read this. You are probably American, from Seattle or Miami or Biloxi. If its early morning, before your day starts you have a fresh cappuccino steaming in … Continue reading

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Africa’s Consolation Philosophy

Socrates once said “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Western philosophy has always been motivated by wonder at the world around us and our quest to know it using our minds, our reason, and our experiences. The focus on reason … Continue reading

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“Defeating Dictators” – A Book Review

There are many kinds of books. Yes, I know, I am stating the obvious of course. However for me its always helpful when I read a book to try and place it within the panoply of other books seeking to … Continue reading

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On Gratitude

What are you thankful for? I find sometimes that asking myself this question is a helpful exercise as I sit on my front porch in the early African morning with my coffee, looking out over the mists which still cling … Continue reading

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“City of Memories” – A Book Review

If Congo is Africa for Africans; the obsidian consciousness of a continent – Nigeria is Africa for the rest of the world, as both its promise and its threat. Nigeria is old. Epic battles of ancient armies; the resounding echoes … Continue reading

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