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Loose Molecules: What Has Ended and What Comes Next…

“There once was a specter stalking the hazy hot corners of our world,” they will say. “For a time it even stalked Europe, America – and presidents blanched, parliamentarians locked their doors at night. Embassies built high their walls; we … Continue reading

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There’s Always A Darkness

“There’s a specter haunting Europe – the specter of communism.” With these words Karl Marx began a global political movement that would end up taking more than a hundred million lives; that would destroy families and ravage countries prosperous and … Continue reading

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We, Who You Wanted to Kill, Are Not Afraid

Last week you did it again, attacking Bamako, ‪#‎Mali‬ with your guns and your bombs. My wife and I sheltered with our little boy, who you wanted to kill, all the while explaining away the explosions by making up stories … Continue reading

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