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Our Unbalanced World

I’m old enough now to have some life experience to look back upon. I’m disciplined enough to have not wasted the first ‘phase’ of my grown life (that is, the post-school period) on debt, drugs, alcohol, immoral living or other … Continue reading

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The Rise of Un-Ideas

The other day my little four-year-old boy was chatting with Grandma and Grandpa over Skype. We are teaching him to write, so the grandparents were giving him words and he was trying to spell them out. I wasn’t paying much … Continue reading

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My Viral Interview for CNN Arabic on my novel “Lords of Misrule”

I’m always intrigued by what attracts people’s attention – and why. This week I did a written interview for CNN Arabic on my new novel, “Lords of Misrule” (or the Arabic title, “Princes of Sedition”). The interview focused on some … Continue reading

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It Was a Time of Great Upheaval

It was a period of great upheaval, when a comedy of tragedies beset the human race, upending a tenuous amity.  It was a delicate moment; that silent time after empire-gone-supernova collapses in upon itself leaving the landscape in darkness, but … Continue reading

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