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“Managerialism” in America

I think it’s safe to say that Karl Marx would not have recognized the mystical lands behind the iron curtain. I think it’s also fair to say that Adam Smith would not have recognized 1950s America. I do however believe … Continue reading

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A Fight That Unites Us

It is amusing, and sad somehow to watch the continued desperate efforts of some to regain the hard-fought and rapidly-abandoned days of American Marxism through angry Twitter videos and fiery Facebook speeches repeating their tired (and now ignored) call to … Continue reading

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To Talk of Many Things… (Vol. #8 – The Death of Gramsci)

It is a singular sadness for a writer to accept that often-times he writes only for himself. To posterity perhaps, to hone his craft and sharpen his thoughts in expectation of the day when truth again matters. Sometimes I channel … Continue reading

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