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RIP My Best Friend

My wife always tells me I have no friends. But that is not exactly true. I had one. Yes, somebody who stuck by me in the best and worst and all of that. But it was more. As I’m digesting … Continue reading

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To Hate or to #WalkAway

Our national discourse has become like that carnival which set up in an abandoned lot on California State Route 180 which we might have gone to as a child. Rising early, we are pushed into our clothes by our excited … Continue reading

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What’s Right With America

A woman and her husband walk their scraggly dog, whistling a tune and chatting privately to each other – a murmuring without words carried by the warm air. A man – home from work – bounces a basketball; a solitary … Continue reading

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Our Love

Love. Epic and quiet. Silent and triumphant. Forever. Not because you wanted it; accidental. No arbitrary date, no atonement for an act of abandon or response to an apology – not a facile request. Love now and forever. Not because … Continue reading

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Do We Write To Fill A Page?

Do we write to fill a page? To see the ink march resolutely across the blankness – ants against a blanket of snow; pepper spilt on the cloth of a fancy dinner table? Or is it because we know that … Continue reading

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The Old Man And His Eagle

The iron-barred door finally shut, marking the end of another maddening day. The old man breathed a sigh of relief, extracting the worn padlock from his brown-jacket pocket and inserting it through the metal rings – slamming it home with … Continue reading

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I Write This for You

We don’t smile that much to each other anymore, my wife and I. Maybe it’s the toll of too many moves; of too many fights. Of too many 6 am mornings since our little man was born. They never tell … Continue reading

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What was he thinking, the old man in the market?

What was he thinking, the old man in the market? The shoppers buzzed around him as they haggled for a final price on a bag of dried meats.  Stands of oranges and apples and pears voluptuous in their allure inspired … Continue reading

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The Book of Love

My life has a sound track.  Often during times of consequence I somehow stumble upon music that defines the moment – and when I do, in my madness I listen and re-listen to the song until it is permanently infused … Continue reading

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