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On 9/11 And Being American

“I hear you! And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” President George W. Bush, September 2001 And, true to his word – our word – they did. Boy did they. For there is … Continue reading

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Politeness and our Struggling Democracy

A few years ago, on what is popularly called our “baby-moon” (that special trip you take with your wife before the hurricane descends in the form of a squealing, squeaking, energetic little boy who these days sits at the dinner … Continue reading

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The Rolling Road of Wonder

Do you ever feel just a little bit dirty after scrolling down your Facebook feed, or through the articles of your favorite news aggregator, reading the headlines from rags like Huffpo or the NY Times (yes the Grey Lady has … Continue reading

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Arizona: That Too Is Fitting

An Indian sits in a wheelchair on the porch of the abandoned community center, watching the sun set over Yuma. First Peoples, that’s better – has more romance and a greater sense of nostalgia than Indian, doesn’t it? Not because … Continue reading

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“Weeds”: A Series Review

Last night my wife and I finished watching the series “Weeds“. This is of course the tale of a widow from the suburbs whose husband died leaving her with nothing, thereby forcing her to take up a life as a … Continue reading

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