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Human Rights and the Discovery of Empathy

In my first year of humanitarian work I was called on to help start up a program in Kosovo after the end of that bloody conflict. Ethnic cleansing they called it, genocide without the murder I suppose. I was 21 … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Civilization is Over: What Lessons Have We Learned?

Civilization is a fragile thing. Mostly because it is made up almost entirely of people. And people are a mess. Sure, people build monumental buildings or make epic discoveries; they create melodious music and beautiful works of art. Philosophers examine … Continue reading

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Go Read a Banned Book

Don’t think about pink elephants. GO! You’re thinking about pink elephants, aren’t you? ‘You are what you eat’ the old saying goes. ‘They shall know you by your friends’ some respond. The reality is, people will know you by what … Continue reading

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Floating Cities in the Sea

There are people building floating cities in the sea!! I said the words aloud last night, to feel that little surge as my heartbeat rapped in double staccato for just a moment. Cities in the sea! Oh, I’m not a … Continue reading

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Our New World Disorder

I once was having a debate with a diplomat friend of mine regarding climate change or global warming or environmental degradation or whatever you want to call it. We were standing under a piece of metal zinc awning beside an … Continue reading

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The Coming Storm

It’s already here actually – the storm is. It caught up with us when we weren’t paying attention, too focused on ourselves, our narcissism playing second fiddle to no one – even the destitute. When I mean “the storm”, I … Continue reading

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America – In Times of Madness

When I was a little boy I would often go with my family to visit my great granddaddy. As a missionary kid growing up in the ‘foreign field’, it was always a special time – coming home to America. Between … Continue reading

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Mediocrity Unto Death

Totalitarianism. It’s not a concept that we are very familiar with; those of us who have been born free. The sludge of fear, every decision weighed not against what is good and just and right, but instead against what the … Continue reading

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January 20th; The State of Our Union and Making America Great Again

I have a photograph of Timbuktu hanging on the wall beside my television. It is large (30” by 10”) and uniquely printed on aluminum as sort of a prize for my having achieved the unattainable – arriving as I did … Continue reading

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Our Belle Époque Blows

This last summer I was passing through Washington DC on my way out west; and during my layover I took a few hours to visit with an old friend. It was a warm summer morning as we sat on the … Continue reading

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