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America – In Times of Madness

When I was a little boy I would often go with my family to visit my great granddaddy. As a missionary kid growing up in the ‘foreign field’, it was always a special time – coming home to America. Between … Continue reading

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What’s Right With America

A woman and her husband walk their scraggly dog, whistling a tune and chatting privately to each other – a murmuring without words carried by the warm air. A man – home from work – bounces a basketball; a solitary … Continue reading

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The Monsoons in Arizona: And Immortality

When I was a young man I would wait expectantly for the rain storms. Every year they roll through the valley at the same time; electric and powerful – wind blowing around the charged air. My best friend and I … Continue reading

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“Weeds”: A Series Review

Last night my wife and I finished watching the series “Weeds“. This is of course the tale of a widow from the suburbs whose husband died leaving her with nothing, thereby forcing her to take up a life as a … Continue reading

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Hemmingway and the Huge Hole

Do you ever wonder if Hemmingway would have blogged? I don’t know why I thought of that today. I was sitting in front of the Arizona Crater National Park – a huge hole in the ground result of a massive … Continue reading

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I Write This for You

We don’t smile that much to each other anymore, my wife and I. Maybe it’s the toll of too many moves; of too many fights. Of too many 6 am mornings since our little man was born. They never tell … Continue reading

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We Did This, We Humans

This morning I went to the top of South Mountain. I had to show my son where the aliens landed each night. The path winds to and fro, but is paved and has become a popular place where thousands come … Continue reading

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