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For Facebook & Twitter – Hate Is the Whole Point!

I recently finished “Black Earth Rising”; the series on Netflix which is about the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide. Twenty-five years on, the stories are still about trauma and restoration and justice. Of how a nation heals, what is society’s … Continue reading

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#LiveOffline and read novels from paper; Yellowed ancient preserve musty smell; Hand-drawn illustrations; Which tell story’s stations; Enclosed in a fine leather shell. #LiveOffline and find faith in communion; Streaming preachers a saint you’ll not be; So don you your … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Aloofness

Do you ever wonder what the people you admire do between moments of great inspiration and tremendous consequence? Mother Theresa getting her nails done; Billy Graham guiltily scarfing down a third hot-dog while watching Ancient Aliens; Ernest Hemingway sitting on … Continue reading

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The Unexamined Life – Why I Left Facebook

They say “the unexamined life is not worth living”. “They” are these days anybody looking to seem thoughtful, but the first to say this was Socrates as his only and lasting defense against the accusations of ‘corrupting the minds of … Continue reading

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