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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – A Book Review

What is the difference between madness and genius? Folly and adventure? A sociopath or a revenge seeker? What is a legitimate response to a grief observed and felt and experienced; the kind that ravages the soul? And what happens when … Continue reading

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On What Progress Might Look Like

I take my tiny dog out in the early African mornings, they are my favorite times on the continent. The little early-birds are chirping around, seated on the razor wire atop the walls which protect us from ‘the anarchy that … Continue reading

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A Green New Deal? – Part IV

Well this has been fun, distilling the “Green New Deal” into bite-size chunks (sorry for oversimplifying things, for which I will be routinely pilloried – as it is, this has been too long and I have risked becoming a bore). … Continue reading

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A Green New Deal? – Part III

As I think through our current environmental problem, I realize that I am not the most sanguine of interlocutors. I do not see our future brightly, perched as I am at the inverse of epicenter where the waves of destruction … Continue reading

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A Green New Deal? – Part II

Continuing on my musings about a “Green New Deal” (see Part I here), since it seems to be the flavor of the week for those who seek emergency powers over me and mine in order to steal my stuff, I … Continue reading

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A Green New Deal? — Part I

People are fond of talking about a “New Deal” whenever they seek a big-government solution to a problem. This is because most uninformed (and even some informed) believe that the “New Deal” legacy is an uncontested historical fact proving how … Continue reading

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Pinker, Progressives, and Plastic in our Oceans

Following on my theme of our arriving ordeal, juxtaposed as it is against the narrative of our ‘great escape’, I read this weekend a long interview by Stephen Pinker defending his book Enlightenment Now. The summary of his defense in … Continue reading

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