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Burnham on England

As I continue to digest the far-reaching impacts of James Burnham’s magnum opus “The Managerial Revolution“, I keep stumbling upon things that require at very least a cursory reflection; an organization of thoughts as I try (like Burnham did) to … Continue reading

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Scarlet Pimpernel – A Fun Read

We do love England. Stuffy sometimes and royalist to the core; the fog-laden wind blowing the opposite direction bucking trends in politics or culture product of the good-humoured orneriness of the Britt. Safe, quiet vales and hollows away from the … Continue reading

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Cakes and Ale

For those who don’t understand #BREXIT, a simple solution would be to immerse themselves in W. Somerset Maugham. In his flowing prose rests the fine nostalgia of an England of yesteryear, an England as things were – for years and … Continue reading

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“Remains of the Day” – A Book Review

There’s something steady, steadying about the old country. Did you know that the first western experiment with sound money came when Henry I chopped off the hands of coin makers who were diluting silver with other metals while carrying out … Continue reading

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#BREXIT and Nostalgia

Now I’m not British, and I don’t mean to opine about things that are none of my business; that don’t affect my life. Especially something monumental that is so raw – an election that was like a divorce really (and … Continue reading

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