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Africa’s Turn?

It was to be Africa’s turn. That was the promise and the hope. The great forces that converged in the last half of the 20th century to give the world the most remarkable surge into prosperity known to man would … Continue reading

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What Causes Poverty? — (Hint, nothing)

What causes poverty? Nothing. Nothing causes poverty; poverty is the natural state of man. Naked and in the dark – that is how nature birthed us. But just as we figured out how to take the fibers from banana plant … Continue reading

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The Power of Progress

Words are funny things, slippery and somehow hard to pin down; little moving targets making thought difficult or missiles correctly aimed in order to destroy in far worse ways than the whips and chains of old. Language has always been … Continue reading

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On Putting Down the Shovel

The year was 2006, and the table was set for a party. A coronation of sorts; Hugo Chavez had succeeded in overcoming six years of instability which included multiple electoral challenges, a national strike, an attempted coup. Those had been … Continue reading

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“The Great Escape” by Angus Deaton – A Book Review

There is no more controversial of the social sciences these days than the study of economics. Yes, a social science – the study of human interactions; and though it does contain laws (supply and demand, unintended outcomes) proven and repeatable, … Continue reading

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OPEC, Tariffs and Foolishness

“Did you know that OPEC has been colluding to destroy America’s frackers, prop up the price of their own oil and continue to get rich as they just laugh at our expense? How dare they!? How do we stop them? … Continue reading

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But They Don’t Do Math

A few weeks ago I was engaged in an online debate with a gentleman who objected to my advocacy for Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. Specifically, he didn’t like their focus on Austrian economics. The issue that the anonymous blogger … Continue reading

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An Austrian University in Guatemala

I recently ran across a good article called “Freedom U.” in the National Review, written by Jay Nordlinger. The article is about Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM). UFM is located in Guatemala – at the heart of Central America. Founded more than … Continue reading

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