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Dubai – And the Return of the City State

Often when I find myself in a faraway land I stop to take a minute, perhaps seated on a dock surrounded by the sounds and smells of fishermen and their craft or lounging unseen against an old wall beside a … Continue reading

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A Lifetime is Not Enough

This originally appeared on the Freedom Collection I once had a college history professor who taught that human history could be summed up in the following axiom: mankind’s search for stability.  To be sure, this has often been the primary objective … Continue reading

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A Shout for Freedom from Lima

When four former presidents from Latin America converge for a seminar, the event is noteworthy. When they are convened by a Nobel laureate, the event becomes a must-attend. When the focus of the event is freedom, it is perhaps a … Continue reading

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The Struggle for Freedom is Hard

The 21st Century could be seen as a time where instant gratification has become a preeminent value in society. Now is more important than later; easy is seen as superior to hard; and fast is better than slow. These principles … Continue reading

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