Colombia – A Death I Foretold

Five years ago, when the political restrictions were lifted on Colombia’s terrorist guerilla murderers and kidnappers, I wrote about it, as I am wont to do. I assumed Colombia would fall in a generation. It fell in one election cycle. Please read and share and mourn with me. Colombia’s freedom-loving people are in for a rough season. Lets hope they can hold the line:

“A temper tantrum of blood and puss; adolescent songs played with an old guitar by a stinking gaggle of bearded idiots high in the Sierra Maestra, eating stolen food with their fingers following the execution of peasants and villagers? Sitting beside streams, piles of cellophane-wrapped cocaine under a plantain thatch, telling stories of government, abusing the word ‘justice’ as they throw the scraps from their savage dinner to the caged kidnapped behind?”

About Joel D. Hirst

Joel D. Hirst is a novelist and a playwright. His most recently released work is "Dreams of the Defeated: A Play in Two Acts" about a political prisoner in a dystopian regime. His novels include "I, Charles, From the Camps" about the life of a young man in the African camps and "Lords of Misrule" about the making and unmaking of a jihadist in the Sahara. "The Lieutenant of San Porfirio" and its sequel "The Burning of San Porfirio" are about the rise and fall of socialist Venezuela (with magic).
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1 Response to Colombia – A Death I Foretold

  1. Les Hirst says:

    So sad! And now where will the fleeing Venezuelans go? Democracy means more than voting for a president – when voting delivers autocracy it is no longer liberal democracy as we have known it. How can the pueblo ignore what happened to the people of B=Venezuela?? I just do not understand.  Dad


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