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“Christmas In Africa” — or something

Christmas in the camps. That’s what I was going to call this piece. The camps, that central fixture of my life. Oh, sure, not like their camps. Of course. Ours have cable TV, internet – air conditioning, food and pools … Continue reading

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The Posts That Moved Us in 2016: Current Events

Originally posted on Discover:
As 2016 comes to an end, it looks like a watershed year for violence, upheaval, and loss. Even those on the winning sides of pitched political battles like the US presidential election and Brexit are ready…

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Go Read a Red State Book

Oh how quickly things can change. Only a month ago, ‘progressives’ were calling those who did not agree with them just plain “stupid” – without any nuance or frills, as this emblematic article (written interestingly enough in 2004 and laying … Continue reading

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