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The Hunger Games Dome Just Ripped

Remember that last scene in the 2nd Hunger Games book when Katniss shot the arrow and the dome exploded to allow in the extraction team to rescue the gamers? Meanwhile the whole thing was live-broadcast as the Capitol’s residents – … Continue reading

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Of Taco Bowls and Presidents

Originally posted on Joel D. Hirst's Blog:
There’s something funny going on in America these days. Lots of chatter, as there always is – but this year it’s got the green smell of panic to it. Bewilderment. Folks are…

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#Election2016 and Walking Gently

What a wild ride; a whirlwind – a tornado almost, a roller-coaster of emotions. Up down, side to side; a crash, getting up, dusting off. Crashing again – violently this time; angry, relieved. Slipping, falling – flying. Astonished. Flabbergasted. Most … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Cat and My Newest Novel

“I’ve decided I’m going to keep one of the novels,” a friend of mine told me about her purchase of two copies of my most recent ‘masterpiece’ – Lords of Misrule; ostensibly for Christmas gifts. “And you can sign it … Continue reading

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